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June 2017


Turbine Valve Seat On-Site Repair

for mid/high Pressure Valves in Siemens Turbines

High Risk Scenario with Turbines in Power Stations

According to Siemens, the German manufacturer of Turbines for power stations there is an increased risk of valve sealing surface damage and valve seat breaks. The sealing furface is made of stellite for better oxidation and abrasion resistance and welded on the valve body metal.
It was discovered that the super rigid coating layer between the stellite and valve metal becomes crisp over time and will easily break off. The floating pieces cause crushing of the moving and stationary turbine blades and high damage to the high pressure cylinders.

The EFCO On-Site Solution

Step 1: Removing

Cutting away the rest of the stellite sealing surface with the EFCO CNC Turning Machine TD2.02NC

Step 2: Welding

MIG/MAG Welding Tech nology for horizontal or vertical welding with  the
EFCO CNC Welding Machine CW1000NC

Step 3: Cutting

according to the drawing of the previous contour profile
with the EFCO CNC Turning Machine TD2.02NC


Shared clamping system

  • both for turning and welding
  • quick setup procedure on flange
  • minimal setup time
  • easy to change cutting tools
  • no readjustment between procedures

Horizontal and vertical welding

  • NC controlled MIG/MAG round welding machine
  • no pre-heating required:
  • no extra machine, saving time for heating and cooling
  • special shield gas: mixture of He, Ar, H2 and CO2 for small gas spash and smooth welding beads

Special technology

  • individually programmable
  • preprogrammed welding options (for different materials, wires, gases)
  • non-impulse welding
  • long time continous welding
  • high precision 4 roll wired feed mechanism

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